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When I Grow Up
To eat as a family. Contribute to the child’s positive attitude towards eating vegetables easier. “>Grow up into adults who are healthy both physically and mentally, if not discouraged, but try not to eat the next.
Importantly do not use force. I get the feeling against eating vegetables.
– Change the shape or vegetable juice as an ingredient in other foods, such as chopped into small pieces. Made into jelly, juice Or menu favorites such as carrot, cut into small pieces. Mixing with the broth. “>Pork Fried carrot mixed
The importance of the family table should have at least one menu with vegetables to be a good role model to their children to eat vegetables.
Motivation techniques
Named to eat more vegetables such as pumpkin fairy Jomparang lettuce can cause children to feel wanted to eat.
To mentor recruits children to enjoy eating vegetables. Using fingers picked vegetables such as carrots, boiled lentils, boiled mouth, cut into pieces. “>Eventually, children will eat them.
When children are encouraged to eat it should compliment your child eager to learn new foods next time.
– The nurse noticed that his favorite record or satisfied with broccoli or reject any.
It can help you make a habit of eating the children.