Kid can do

A little bit. But did you know that even children are in preschool, but he has the power and ability to absorb and learn and experience. It also can act more like adults. I do not believe in me Growing Up kindergarten.

Age in rats., A small but good as a mother (father) is.

Preschool seems like manner. Or as often as the traditional. “I do not smell the milk,” but in fact. Even a preschool child, but it is powerful in many aspects. Whether it is physical, mental – emotional, social, intellectual and ready.

* The body is capable of handling, walking, running.

Psychological – it * can temper it.

* Social behavior that display.

* Children have the cognitive ability to think. And ready to learn all you can get.

At this point, some parents may be viewed as “not true” for various reasons, many do not see that …

“Not really, because I do not eat the mess. Continue to fall. Cycling is falling “.

Some people say that …

“I control my own behavior and how. Taken to store the bell I fidget “.

Please tell me that this is actually they are born with all the potential that we mentioned ‘I’, but the lack of experience and the promotion of the point. Even if your parents are saying, ‘I do not so I do not do’ that will further undermine the vitality and viability and future of the ball with shine. So I adjusted my attitude toward the preschool. And I have activities to help empower young people together in it.

I do not lose adults.

Several studies have found that children’s ability to think and act like adults. If I do not have experience. So mature, so as to enhance the experience for my children.

For example, a research psychologist Jerry Bruner line Rome intelligence Said the child. Learn to absorb it better if he had discovered the self. The foster children. This self-study. Adults are people who are responsible for the proper experience to children with

A recent study from the New York Sun, Alison Gordon, professor of psychology. University of California confirmed that children are capable of thinking like adults. You can know what is good – not great – being wrong through action and play with it.

Concluded that the children have learned in the capacity. But we have to compose learning. And promote and encourage the children. Tried everything. Without blocking it. By the way it is …

No.1 did not insult you.
The key to promoting the vitality and viability of the child is. ‘Do not libel’ I do not believe that young children do not have much. So that he could ‘do’ attitude adjustment made pursuant to this Article. I ask you to compose. It is important that the patient and try to do these preschool view it.

• Instead of using the plates, glasses, utensils, plastic containers, try to get him to try some of these with you. Do not worry that it will fall apart. I should tell him with a smile, “I hold it to gradually slow” to teach him how to use those items. It also taught him how to be careful with it.

• Give children chores such as sweeping the house, little house, let him not do rub. You are told by a neighbor. How to sweep it. How to rub. What if I do not follow you or will you manage to wipe it up, however. He was released on my own. Because if it is, that is the fun way to help children develop their potential.

• Children at this age can be a very important … There is the ability to doubt and questioning. They always have the time. So do you think it’s insulting to the question is a simple question. That children should not be asked. But should pay attention to the question. When I asked because it means I want to ‘know’ and this is the power that drives the children. Learning … Do not neglect it.

No.2 appreciate the effort.

When the activity was successful, there is a story about the ability to sing as he did at school with a friend. Help teachers erase the blackboard. Traffic teacher talks about painting, drawing, etc. I recommend that you do not forget to mention that my son told me about it. Because it acts as a force to enhance and increase the power and the courage to think and act in the issue. As well.

I do not surf the N0.3 “okay”.

If the dishwasher does not clean. Holding a glass of water, then drop. I need to make a clean sweep of the house to rub it turns out slop over. Please tell me that it’s “not bad” and are said to be with my son’s. “Not to be”.

Saying this because I want you to look at the intent of that. ‘He needs help’ and if this time is to help alleviate some errors I do not mind. In fact, we’ve made a mistake, but all of them were for me to say “okay” to help the children do not feel scare activities. I also have the power of courage to do what they were trained to be with me.