Polish youngster can resist

Why the opposition and rejected?

Another trick is to make the choice to have children. Because of this age do not like to be forced. If your parents use a command like “I need a bath now” may be made against children. If children have the opportunity to decide for yourself. Children feel that they have control of the situation. If parents take their children to make choices, such as “I will make you take a bath. Or will you take my father “or” I will give you a shower for me at least. Or it will only give me my own little “pick on children. I did not feel forced. And understand that they have control of the situation. But the fact that the people who control the real parents. Because what parents and children select. Is chosen to be the parents to choose freely the same results. Parents take their children to the bathroom as well. Achieve the desired objectives without losing my temper on both sides.When children enter the toddler (1-3 years), mental and physical development of the brain was more developed than his baby. Start the ball into his own. Look at themselves and to focus on yourself first. What to do with a lot more. The parents did not want him all With the ability of this age are still dependent on their parents. Sometimes it is a conflict in the mind. When parents tell them to do something, but I do not want to start a fight with me.

Children this age will want to choose what they like or do not like it. Made it clear that All parents can not control the ball as before. The most favorite word is “no no no” words like that makes me upset, frustrated parents have become the two sides do not understand each other.

Victor Wong denied the youngster.

A good way to handle the ball against Central. The parents must accept and understand that the rejection and the eventual development of resistance with age. If the start of one’s own That children learn to be less dependent on others. However, if the parents do not reject or resist. I do not think it will be a child. And the need to rely on my parents.

So, if faced with the situation of children against this. Parents should not fret and do not try to control it all. I will be forced to have children. I was even more frantic cries to temper itself is not. Into a bad mood. But parents should allow children to think and deal with his emotions. This is the way to go.

The first strategy is to send a warning.

While the children are attracted to one of the events. Parents need to be told to do something else. I was feeling upset or angry. The attitude expressed in the refusal. Whether outcry, shouting, etc..

I had to adjust and prepare themselves with anger. Parents should tell children to an early warning as the ball was played to the children as “the next 10 minutes, I’ll take it to the bathroom or eat me” when the child may be showing signs of resistance emerged. I let him vent his feelings. Parents also may be moved to another. In order to release it. (Children may not understand that 10 minutes is long. But to understand the attitude of the parents that I have played with it a little).

Step 2: Discuss strategies to comprehend.

I was talking to. It will also teach your child learn how to handle the emotional upset. We should talk about how to better use the bad behavior out. I said I do not know. Do not just put it on my son. I think that’s what parents are doing. I did not want to win. But we need to do to achieve the objective. I was taking a bath. I need to cool it.

I really need to do this step. Is to take a shower now. It must be in a manner that is not severe or the child should not be dragged by force. I should explain that I have to go along with. I’ll take a shower and go. For example, children may be seen as a comparison, “Look, I was left to me.”
After sending a warning to parents. When it’s time to stop playing it. Parents should talk to their children. It’s time to go to the baths. At this stage, it may be even more frantic. But parents need gradually. Tell a peaceful manner and concise statement such as “I know you’re fun. I understand that I do not want a bath. But this time, it is time to water. I had to go to the bathroom “.
Children often like to emulate it. I see other people do. He did not do it. Or maybe it’s a fun game. With children. Based on what I was playing like I know who are taking less Duck doll a bath before I go to work and children to reduce the resistance to it.

If parents do not understand me.

Parents are often frustrated trying to control the ball at all. Do not allow children to think and decide for yourself. Although parents can do what they want. But the return is the result you get. Because the child does not want to become that. I have not decided. Lack of confidence in itself. I can not do anything by itself.

If parents are frantic with children. It is likely that the child will be aggressive mood with emotional abuse others. Because I do not know how to deal with their own emotions. And to see an example of the intense emotions of parents with me.