The ESP Couple

You (women): This is a question astronomers would say that because I come from a different star. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Then I found love in the world. Many things are different. If the scientists are saying that women and men. Different level of small units called cells makes it quite different to the whole body, mind, thoughts, feelings, etc., as required.

He (man) is the most emotional. Focus on feeling good. Need a close and interest. Focus on family relationships. To focus on finer and sometimes it is a conflict. On the contrary, it would.

Talk to the understanding of the frustrations. And need someone to talk to for comfort and stress relief.
Read his mind.
So often you quarrel with nonsense. I do not understand the basics of each other. Okay, today we will be together. Starting your first try. Eaaฤkษs finish out this Father’s Day, then you might ask why I’m first. Why not before. I suggest you start first. Because you’re reading this. And I believe that once you begin to understand him, he approached him to adapt with it. (By the very manner in which we choose a pair that is given to him to return).

He tried to see as much value. Do not wait for the girls. Others see. But we can not see. I’ll probably go for the one that he values his behalf. I express concern. Pay attention to him. I have several children. To do and so little time left to spend more time with her children and husband. It is recommended that (By the Minister Thaksin indeed is) the practice with her husband and a son. Trying to appease him. But not even the husband was not so sure. Himself as a husband or a son to me. But do not be caring like I looks like a mother. Because I will be out of the gossip that I did this, it would be a wife or mother, anyway!

Another important aspect to remember, to honor her husband. This is a very important man. We may have to have him home. But that was in front of his family or his associates. I will make him lose face. (Male pug and we would not do … I know you want me here).

Sex is necessary …
Another very important thing is. If he wanted to have sex with you, do not deny it. I was discouraged. This is important because a lot of men. I denied it. To give him confidence. (Depressed mood bully withered away to nothing) is to focus on the male sex over the female. For men who love sex with then separate it out. Considered part of the male one.

So often when you guys talk. One subject that is often boast about sex (which really does boast some he called them spit at each other), the two sides will focus on sex. Not equal to. Excitable than men have completed the task faster and faster. (Typically takes 4-5 minutes), while the slower and longer than the female. The imbalance. Although the men in this event will start. But sometimes you may begin earlier. This will make him proud. (The man) asked, but do not say anything about the work or calling me. (I do it).

There are many careers that you guys wanted me to be his wife. (While in bed) is a wrestler, gymnast or a chiropractor. Help cover the dough with water and massage (but not recommended by my husband to do the work of the house) or a fine taste. I use the tongue to taste things. Taking the Baroque. This is not to me. (But for the newly married. This should be the first settler. I do understand that you have your husband to come to church surfing strategic depth) and on the other hand I do not have a career, I would say it to me.

One. Teacher (doing so far. Doing it this far).

Two. Nurse (not capacitance. Before going to the bathroom. I brush my teeth or not! I think this is better than sleeping Hanhlagใhgkan).

Three. Nuns or orator. (Talk show to do it).

4. A Business (must book in advance before it).

But if you have such a career (really) but I forgot to do it. I will give you a clear head and a good husband, I have a happy family! Write it finished. I did try to take it to his wife. I do not like ugh ugh.