Worry about your mother

During the first year of the child. Body weight is not that much as before. But do not panic. It is normal. That is because he has so many things to do. With a lot of energy. Weight is less common. Different ages infant to eat and sleep for the most part. And another of feeding behavior is unpredictable. I know a lot more. I know you reject the food, fiber recruitment is not good at it. If symptoms do not like it.
One thing … rampant.
If children begin to writhe on the floor rampant. When offend. Even if your parents upset. And upset the children. Children are even more rampant than before. Because at this age they are not taught how to control their emotions so to speak or interact with a calm attitude. It helps children learn how to control their emotions better.
Start of
Each child would be any different here. What is a doll baby blanket pillow for her to use instead of having the mother around the time that he may have grown up a lot. But it’s still not the age of the mother (separation anxiety), but perhaps not as much as before. And like that. A fear of strangers (stranger anxiety), it will still have some. Especially to exotic places. Meet people who are not familiar.
Island refuses to walk.

Then it’s time to celebrate the first birthday of the baby. The children in this age group. He can do a lot more. I was with my parents then. Still excited about it. And the pretty little children, we are not right, but at the same time it has many things in his first year at the same worry.
Why … I do not do weights.
Normal children have to walk about 1 year old, but it is faster or slower than it was in this age that the mother and the children have to walk up and he will gradually push the edge of a table or a different island. Then step up to walk around. And only a few months. He was able to walk freely on their own. If you have no such notions. Would have to seek the advice of your doctor anyway. To find the reason for the refusal.
I do not understand the language.
In general, children have a say in the development of a similar age. It’s the same in every country, every language here. The only difference is the details as soon as I could do. Number of words in speech. Or clarity of speech and so on.
Baby at this age. He started calling my mother called me. A meaningful manner. Indicates the need. Show an understanding nod. And follow simple commands, but if you do not have to consult your doctor as you.